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The 28 September issue of Finance Forward did not identify that Michael Bennett, Head of Derivatives and Structured Finance for the World Bank contributed the first article on the IFFIm sukuk. We regret the omission. FAST FINANCE The continuing emissions scandal at Volkswagon continues and VW faces the expensive task ... Read More
October 4, 2015mega


Fast Finance The US Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates, at least yet.  Following the Fed’s announcement on Thursday, the dollar fell against many currencies (including MENASEA regional currencies that have been hammered as of late).  To the extent that the Fed’s concern for Emerging Market turmoil allows it to ... Read More
September 20, 2015mega


FAST FINANCE The impact of commodity price, currencies and the Shanghai market’s volatility finally spills into developed countries’ equity markets but the effect was short-lived as NY Federal Reserve President William Dudley said a rate hike was ‘less compelling’ now than several weeks ago.  Dudley’s remarks were followed later in ... Read More
August 31, 2015mega


FAST FINANCE The surprise announcement that China would allow the renimbi to depreciate by 4.4%, thrust currencies into the spotlight. The term ‘currency war’ is back since it was popularized in 2010 by Brazil’s former finance minister Guido Mantega.  Now, the competitive devaluations are spreading across the MENASEA region raising the ... Read More
August 23, 2015mega


FAST FINANCE Emerging markets are selling off in historic ways as a basket of emerging market currencies hits lows not seen since before the commodities supercycle began at the start of the millennium.  Besides emerging market currency values, also sliding are foreign exchange reserves held by emerging markets, commodities ... Read More
July 27, 2015mega


Oman’s new Islamic banking department established by the Central Bank is reflective of the commitment to Islamic banking. It also shows how regulation can be supportive of the growth potential for Islamic banking.  While Oman’s Islamic banking has stayed in the spotlight, takaful is on the sidelines waiting for ... Read More
July 6, 2015mega


The path towards 15% asset share for Islamic assets in Indonesia banks was not clear as growth stalled in Islamic banking assets in the last year at the 5% level.  A roadmap from the financial services regulator OJK is a significant step forwards and follows similar moves in Pakistan ... Read More
June 14, 2015mega


CGK→AUH There is a backup plan!  At the end of an article from Reuters about the proposed $500 million, international (Reg S) sukuk from Airline Garuda Indonesia is the backup plan if the sukuk does not get issued.  This is important because there has been rising volatility in markets ... Read More
May 21, 2015mega


The controversy about the use of equity versus debt in Islamic finance is one which has been present for years.  The shift towards ‘profit-and-loss sharing’ (PLS) modes of finance is growing in some countries, notably in Pakistan and Indonesia, with help from government policies to encourage it.  The ... Read More
May 1, 2015mega