Intelligent Solutions

Two decades of being at the heart of the financial services industry in the MENASA countries has allowed us to capture unparalleled insights, networks, opportunities and most importantly, experience in dealing with the unique nuances of the MENASA countries.

Understanding Client Needs and Delivering long-term value

MEGA’s leadership position has come as a result of our relentless focus on the constantly changing needs of our clients as the industry has grown and matured. Whether you are looking to set up business, gain specific insights into market segments, enhance the visibility of your company, or grow your leadership talent pool, harness the power of our localised intelligence to give you the edge.

We ensure that our offerings are closely aligned to the immediate business priorities of our clients. Then we make sure that we deliver on our promises and that is why the market leaders come back and work with us year after year. Our genuine value creation is highlighted by our long-term relationship with EY who have worked with us continuously since the inception of the World Islamic Banking Conference 20 years ago – and who are also now our partners across the portfolio of our platforms.