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Sponsorship Opportunities at Middle East Takaful Forum 2014

The Middle East Takaful Forum (METF 2014) will provide unrivalled high-impact brand visibility and ensure that you are at the forefront of shaping the future of the regional Shari'ah compliant insurance industry. METF 2014 also presents a unique opportunity to nurture key client relationships in a substantive and issues-driven programme. To discuss your specific business needs please contact Mohammed Shazzaib at

New Insights to Shape the Future: Special Group Delegate Packages

More than 250 industry leaders will gather at METF 2014. Take advantage of the special Group Delegate packages to send your executive team to participate in the Middle East Takaful Forum. To receive further details on attending the Middle East Takaful Forum 2014 please email Mohammed Shazzaib at

The Middle East Takaful Forum (METF), a major platform in our portfolio of flagship international cooperative insurance events, has already in its third year established itself as a highly focused forum for leaders in the regional Shari’ah-compliant insurance markets to engage in discussions that provide industry players with a deeper insight into what the future holds for the Islamic insurance industry in the Middle East. Last year’s METF gathered more than 200 senior decision-makers representing over 80 market-leading organizations for discussions that focused on adapting to change in the industry, tackling the profitability challenge and providing fresh thinking for Islamic and cooperative insurance in the high growth potential markets of the Middle East.

Adapting to a Changing Market for Islamic Cooperative Insurance in the Middle East

A key outcome of the discussions at last year’s METF was that although the global Takaful industry has continued to enjoy double digit growth rates, with the GCC and Malaysia being the major drivers, the latest industry data reveals a slight deceleration in the overall growth rates. A critical factor that will determine success in taking the industry to the next level of development will be the readiness of industry players to formulate and execute successful strategies in response to new market conditions and opportunities that will reignite growth levels. A key challenge for Takaful operators will be to maintain the growth momentum while also boosting profitability - and this calls for taking proactive steps, fresh new thinking, and the ability to rapidly adapt to change on challenging issues such as pricing, risk-sharing, regulatory developments, and building scale in terms of both product and distribution. Increasingly, leading players are focusing on delivering sound and sustainable underwriting profitability as essential to build the capacity, capability and scale to profitably compete in the regional Takaful markets.

The theme for The Middle East Takaful Forum (METF 2014) picks up on these challenges and opportunities and focuses on: Building Scale: Fresh Thinking to Boost the Efficiency, Profitability and Scale of Islamic Cooperative Insurance in the Middle East. These key elements will determine which Takaful players will be best placed to take advantage of strongly increasing product demand based on exciting consumer demographics, rising income levels and an increasing appetite for Shari’ah-compliant products.

METF is an initiative of the Middle East Insurance Forum (MEIF), which celebrated its 10th Anniversary special edition in Bahrain last February. The 3rd Annual Middle East Takaful Forum (METF 2014) will be held on the 13th and 14th of October 2014 in Bahrain again under the patronage of the Central Bank of Bahrain. METF 2014 is set to gather over 200 high-level senior decision-makers from the regional insurance industry for discussions that will seek to overcome the profitability challenge for Middle East Takaful operators and achieve sound and sustainable underwriting profitability.

Fresh Thinking for Middle East Takaful Players: Boosting Efficiency, Profitability & Scale

In particular, emerging high-growth business areas such as Life Insurance/Family Takaful, Medical/Health Insurance, and General Insurance are providing huge opportunities for Takaful operators in the region. Planning how to best capture this growth, industry executives are asking key questions:

Building Scale

Fresh Thinking to Boost the Efficiency, Profitability & Scale of Islamic Cooperative Insurance Players