MEGA’s vision is to make its forums a breeding ground for world-class insights, and it has since its inception, attracted a host of global powerhouses to deliver groundbreaking insights and share ideas. This has culminated in the formation of many high-profile Summits & Master Class Seminars with many global thinkers, economists & strategists like Tom Peters, Gary Hamel, Mark Mobius, Michael Porter, Robert Kaplan, Nicholas Negroponte and Nicholas Nassim Taleb, amongst others, showcasing their expertise for the first time in the MENA region.

In association with key government ministries, multinational corporations and regulatory authorities throughout MENA & Asia, these masterclasses and summits have established MEGA as a key contributor in facilitating the development of knowledge-based economies in the MENASA Region.

Tom Peters
Gary Hamel
Mark Mobius
Michael Porter
Robert Kaplan
Nicholas Nassim Taleb
Nicholas Negroponte