What is Middle East Global Advisors

Middle East Global Advisors (MEGA) is the gateway connectivity and intelligence platform to opportunities in the rapidly developing economic region that stretches all the way from Morocco in the West to Indonesia in the East – The Middle East North Africa South Asia (MENASA) connection. We pride ourselves for being at the heart of these diverse markets for over 25 years.


To facilitate the development of knowledge based economies in the MENASA region through the production of forward looking research, insights, technology and connectivity platforms that accelerate the dissemination of information and knowledge.


To be the leading independent intelligence platform for the high growth MENASA markets spanning from Morocco in the West to Indonesia in the East.


To connect industry professionals in the MENASA region with the latest advances in technology, research and thinking.

‘It is my contention that the Greater Indian Ocean, stretching eastward from the Horn of Africa past the Arabian Peninsula, the Iranian Plateau, and the Indian Subcontinent, all the way to the Indonesian archipelago and beyond, may comprise a map as iconic to the new century as Europe was to the last one…’
Robert S. Kaplan, the Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership Development, Emeritus at the Harvard Business School and co-creator of the balanced scorecard


The genesis of Middle East Global Advisors (MEGA) goes back to 1993 in Dubai, when it was established as the premier platform for connecting professionals with topical insight and intelligence across many industries and countries. At one point, MEGA organized more than 50 annual gatherings covering everything from banking and finance to energy, information technology and infrastructure among many others.

The World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC), the Islamic banking industry’s flagship event, was conceived in Dubai 25 years ago with a small audience in the first few years to become the definitive industry forum attracting pioneers such as HRH Prince Mohammed Al Faisal & Shaikh Saleh Kamel the second year. 

WIBC moved to Bahrain in recognition of its global position as the hub of Islamic banking & finance. Thus, this event continues to be registered on the calendar of industry leadership over the years. 

As the intelligence platform for the Middle East, MEGA conducted a number of Thought Leadership Master Classes inviting international gurus in management / leadership such as Tom Peters & Michael Porter in competitiveness.

These forums played a major role in connecting numerous industries across the MENA region and helped the region capture global themes, making it relevant to our region while offering solutions to its development challenges. 

MEGA has enjoyed and continues to enjoy strategic collaboration with international institutions such as Harvard, Ernst & Young, and global strategy advisory firm McKinsey & Company, providing the intelligence discourse in banking & finance and offering high quality research to become the reference for industry practitioners and academics alike.


Ehsan Abbas
Sahar Kazranian
Chief Executive Officer
Aida Kalla
Chief Research Officer


Our Strategic Associates are world leaders in their respective fields and include key government finance and regulatory agencies such as the Central Bank of Bahrain, Dubai International Financial Centre, UK Trade & Investment, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and the Economic Development Board of Bahrain. These and our other strategic alliances with international thought leaders including Ernst & Young and global strategy advisory firm McKinsey & Company further strengthen MEGA’s brand leadership position in the Islamic finance industry worldwide.